Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another excellent day. Yesterday was gross, so we'll just ignore it. Today I started out by scrubbing out a nasty, nasty trough. A great lesson in the evils of procrastination. But I had my iPod and good company (Bella was waiting for a drink) so it was all good.

Then I went in and rearranged my bedroom enough to paint the final two walls. If it weren't still totally in disarray it'd look like a big kids' bedroom now, all one nice color.

After that I went outside, dishes-be-damned, and I rode. The wind is up and dark clouds are racing by, but it's actually quite nice other than that. A lot of sun is getting through. I wore my coveralls (which I haven't ridden in before but they were totally comfy) so I was actually a bit hot, not cold at all. Ponied both of the girls and spent some time with just Tonka. It seems there are a billion other things in the world more interesting than I am, and I wanted to get his attention and get him to calm down a bit. Which he eventually did, and we were able to go ahead and take Bella for a few turns around the hayfield. Then I picked out all their feet (something I'm not very good at keeping up with) and put them away.

Now I'm going to attempt to scrub off the horse dirt and paint so I'll be presentable when I go to the Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club meeting tonight. And I better get those dishes done too...

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