Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I just got in from Scout's first ponying lesson! What a blast! It's awesome to have a job to do with my horse. Tonka was an angel. Scout's a hard-headed little fart, but he figured it out. Part of it was probably my fault. I wasn't sure where I wanted him. Finally I decided I wanted him right where he'd be if I was on the ground leading him. My leg right at his jaw/neck. That way I can keep an eye on him and he can't switch sides without my permission. Once I was more consistent and convincing about where he should be, it didn't take long for him to settle into it, with just a few nasty faces and attempts at nibbling things he shouldn't. He's mouthy, and not in a cute way.

I spent my morning staring at this old cow, in utter suspense, waiting for her to drop a calf. Her water broke, there was stringy stuff hanging out the back, she was straining and very oncomfortable. She never did have the calf though. I decided to call the neighbor and tell him he might want to check on her. He did, and lured her away. I don't know what came of it. I think I saw her standing on the hill a while ago - no calf. I wonder if it was dead.

My vaccines just came, so I gave Scout and Tonka their shots. That's the only good thing that came of Tonka's infection last year. I'm a pro at giving shots now, and don't need John's help anymore.

I'm off to go shoot the other two. Have a fabulous evening!

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Linda said...

I haven't ponied Beautiful yet, I haven't felt as confident in her ability to lead off another horse as I did with my other colts. I feel bad about that. I need to start treating her like she can do things.