Sunday, February 14, 2010

I've been having plenty of fun with the horses but I haven't been taking pictures, and when there are no pictures it's not as fun to blog about it.

A couple days ago I took Tonka to the round pen. My sister has been telling me about this book Countdown to Broke, and I wanted to try one of the exercise. The exercise is simply to get 50 inside turns in the round pen. Don't get after them if they're cranky, just focus on what you're doing. It teaches them that the round pen isn't a place where they'll always get in trouble, and it should also work them through any crankiness and into a working frame of mind, which will help to build a work ethic. Fifty turns sounds like a lot, but it only took me 10 minutes. We will need to do some more of this, because he's still running around worried with his head up in the air. I was also still getting some attitude from him. According to the book eventually you want to have 500 inside turns under your belt. I can't wait to get the book I ordered instead of hearing about it second hand. I think I'll wait until then to start doing the exercises with Scout.

Yesterday was a big day. My sister decided she can't keep Bella. Her stifle is having some serious trouble again. If she's sound enough to ride she still can't be sent to a trainer because of the amount of work they do with them, and she can't tolerate circle work. Also, x-rays would be a good idea and we may have to do surgery. With the cancer medical bills, that expense just isn't an option for their family. Not sure how we'll afford it either. Y'all sure you don't need a real nice dressage saddle? When I sell that I'll be looking into what I can do to help Bella.

So yesterday I had her out over at my sister's, and I don't know what it is about this mare but I have a hard time being with her without wanting to get on her back. I don't do that with any other horses, but with her I just want to jump on. So I had her sidled up to the tailgate of a truck, and wasn't really going to get on (no helmet) but my sister grabbed a helmet and off we went. Amy led her while I sat for my bareback pony ride. What a dream! I will enjoy riding her bareback some more. Unlike with slippery, slidery Tonka, her back is a great place to sit without a saddle.

I went home to get the trailer and then had another pony ride on her, this time with a saddle. My new saddle didn't fit but the custom western saddle I was going to sell seems to fit her. Darn it. I might have to hang onto it. She is less relaxed with a saddle on. We'll have to work on that.

Which is what I'm going to do right now! Gotta get out there before the rain. I'll come back with pictures in a bit.

Oh wait! I do have one picture from this morning. I sat on a bucket, leaned up against the fence (which is very comfy by the way), and had coffee with her while she ate her breakfast. Then my battery died...
What a dirty mess I am. Horses aren't for OCD clean freaks, I don't think.
See that cord there? John got me a new (used) iPod for Valentine's Day! So happy!

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