Friday, March 05, 2010

Another ride today. My mom called me up, "You want to ride at 12:30?" I reluctantly said yes. I was going to give my horse the day off today, but I knew it would be fun and my mom isn't usually this interested in riding. I think she really likes my new Wade saddle that I got for Christmas. She had to ride Cisco, Soxy wasn't feeling too hot after our ride yesterday. I think that girl isn't up to much anymore.

Another cell phone picture, not very good. I couldn't see the screen. That's my mom on Cisco, my sister's friend on her super cute quarter horse, and my sister on Cowboy.
Today Amy got to see that Cowboy isn't going to do anything stupid when other horses spook. My horse, of course, was the instigator. He saw some blowing plastic and didn't want to calm down, so we did a very fast sidepass a ways down the road. Cisco did a little bolt, at a trot of course. I don't think he has a faster speed under saddle. :) It didn't take him long to realize Tonka was just being a doof and there was nothing to worry about.

I'm going to go get my feeding done early tonight. Hope you all have a great evening, and a lovely weekend!

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Linda said...

You know, it seems to me your phone takes GREAT pictures, much better than mine. You sure do ride a lot. Your family is GREAT!!!