Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's been a busy week and a busy day today. I have some pictures from a ride last week, but they're on my computer at my standing desk and my feet hurt like heck so I'm writing on the Netbook on the couch. Tonka and I went out with my sister and Cowboy for a short trail ride earlier this week. It was fun but I can't think of anything specific that's interesting enough to write about.

Today was a very busy day. We went to town and did some errands. I got some drain tile. I don't know why they call it that since it's pipe. I wanted it to practice some trail challenge type stuff. I've seen it used in short sections scattered over a bridge obstacle and also as an object to drag around a tree, kind of like the traditional log or tire drag. It made the weirdest noise going around the tree, since it's kind of corrugated. Tonka did really well with that obstacle but that was in-hand a couple years ago.

When we got home I took Bella to the round pen and tried out a couple bits. Found the one she fidgeted with less and then left her to herself for a bit. Then we tore down a long section of some old fencing. It was fun, just me and my guys. Liam was a big help. It's great to see him really apply himself to a job. He likes hands-on stuff, especially if there are tools involved. He made me nervous pulling fencing staples with the pointy end of the fencing tool but he never hurt himself.

Then I rode Bella. She was a B-I-you-know-what. I ended up running her around the round pen (with me on the ground) regardless of her lameness. She was quite spry and threw in a few rude kicks as well. So I got a little mean and scared her and she didn't do that again. But she was still a real pill whenever I got on her back. It's a problem, her attitude and the fact that I can't really work her. She's such a sweetheart as a pet but she has no work ethic. And there's also the thought in the back of my head that it may be pain related, although I really don't think it is. She's not all that lame at all lately. I do still see her knuckle over going downhill though. I think I've decided to lay off on the riding and just start taking her with me whenever I ride and ponying her. I don't have the balls to ride her through it if she does blow, and I think she will at some point. Maybe she'll make a pack horse.

After tying her up for a while to think about things I took her down to the creek to get in the water. She loves water, so that's a reward rather than work. Then we went and looked at the bonfire and the child spraying water from the hose. She was scared of that but calmed down pretty well and went to grazing.

Speaking of water, Huck figured out he could cross the creek today. Not good, with the highway on that side (a little ways away). But he was really funny to watch, looking hard to try to figure out how deep the water was and then surprised to find himself swimming. Then afterward, all wet with his legs looking skinny and his butt hair swinging from side to side as he pranced around, throwing spray everywhere. Liam and I were both cracking up.

My nephew fell out of a tree onto my sister today. She was already having a lot of trouble with a bad disc in her back, and now she's hurting pretty bad. He's fine though. I was heartless enough to say it probably would have been better if he'd gotten hurt and not her. Kids heal fast. But it could have been bad, I suppose, so maybe it's better she caught him.

It was a long day. Plenty of other stuff went on in between, like John tweaking his back this morning. We'd had plans to get a lot done on the barn but he needed to take it easy.

I love these long sunny chore-filled days. Not too hot or too cold to get plenty done, and at night you're genuinely exhausted (not to mention a little crabby but of course that's not the fun part).


Kate said...

You may be right to find Bella a job she can do well and safely instead of forcing things with her - but only you know what is best - but keeping yourself safe is the most important thing (I think about that a lot more now that I'm older!).

Linda said...

I see your dilemma--not feeling able to really work her hard to get her past some of it. One step at a time, I guess. We got a lot of chores done yesterday, too. The weather was great.

Tina said...

It probably is pain. They learn really well how to manage it themselves when they are in the paddock and you only see them make a mistake every now and then, but small circles are worse for them than straight lines, so round penning is always going to be a problem.

I had a mare with stifle trouble and to be honest it poisoned everything we did together. She would do something I asked, hurt herself, think she was being punished, and get upset, and so on, round and round. We never got anywhere and it was not fun riding her. First horse I've ever owned that didn't improve with schooling.

I would think if you can't get Bella operated on for whatever reason, then pack/pony horse might suit her, and if she gets fit enough, she may get muscled enough to support her stifles better and you could try riding her again. Mine ended up a pasture pet because she had an arthritic knee that didn't sit well with trying to keep her fit for her stifles. We were both much happier after that and now I have a sound horse to ride, and man, is that more fun!