Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quick update - Soxy is hanging in there. Still some discharge but I haven't seen the bloody stuff in a couple days. Which doesn't mean it's not happening, but I hope it's getting better. Her snot now is green. So still something wrong there. I called my real vet, but he's on vacation, so I'm waiting for his counterpart to call. I am hoping they'll give me a better antibiotic to try. I was also hoping they could tell me which nostril this happened in a year ago, but they didn't have it in the records.

I've been letting the hens out of their coop during the day lately. I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy them. I love their excited noises when they find a bug to eat, and the satisfaction they get from a good dust bath in the sun. So far Huck has only chased them once. He still shows too much interest, but he knows they're mine so I'm really hoping he'll keep his instincts at bay.

Speaking of Huckleberry. I do love that pup. His eyes! His goofiness! His cute fluffiness! I can't even tell you how much that pup has stolen my heart.

I think he has an old deer bone he's breaking apart. He finds the best treasures.


Jayke said...

I feel like this is going to be a dumb question but: Huck's an aussie right? How do you find his energy level? Is he easy to keep entertained? I absolutely adore aussies but I don't know if I've met some pretty hyper ones and I was wondering if they are all like that.

Linda said...

We live on old dairy property, so my dog always finds huge cow bones! Funny. I hope Soxy gets better soon. Dealing with sick horses stinks!!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Jayke - I was getting so long-winded I decided to do a post about Huckleberry. It'll be done here in a minute.

Linda - I'm not sure, these could be calf bones. I've found two long-dead calves on the place so far. Once by mowing over the skeleton. Not cool! But we've had at least one dead deer on the place too.