Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cisco is already hobble trained. I had my doubts after roping his legs since he wasn't very cooperative, but once I put the hobbles on it was obvious he knew all about them.
Here's a video of Tonka yesterday and Cisco today. Big difference. Not that Tonka was bad, but you can tell he's trying to figure it out, whereas Cisco already knew.

I hobbled Tonka again today but it would have made a terribly boring video. He just stood there and dozed off.

Then we rode and I ponied Cisco on the other side this time. My cell phone camera in the hands of a 7 year old does not take very good pictures.
Cisco was a little hard-headed at first. I kind of wonder if he's been taught not to come up where I'm asking him to be. But eventually he was so good I dallied him and he kept slack in the rope.

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