Sunday, June 20, 2010

I haven't been around in the blog world much lately. Too much to do, and very little of it horse-related. We just got done with softball for the year, trying to keep up with the growing grass and painting the living room, etc...

I rode my boy a few days ago when the sun was out. He was cranky about working. He was happy to do anything as long as it wasn't strenuous. I think not being on his oil diet for EPSM while we were off camping caused him some discomfort. We did do a little loping practice, but it was very little because of the tail wringing and ear pinning. Horses with EPSM frequently buck going into the lope because they're trying to tell you it hurts. So we did some other things and called it a day.

Yesterday I had the best time in the evening, untangling manes and scratching itches. I got to spend time with every one of the horses. Bella is feeling a little stand-offish, which is normal for her when she hasn't been played with much. Dove is turning into a little love. She has a lot of itchy spots and that makes for good bonding time. She really wants to groom me back, it's cute. Soxy is sick again, opaque snot coming out the right nostril and she's not breathing well. Gypsy is a sweetie, covered in bird poop from the little cowbirds who sit on her all day long.

The boys a just hilarious. I went to see who needed detangler in their mane and Tonka didn't, but he couldn't stand Scout getting all the attention so he stood and picked at me and Scout the whole time. "I'm not touching you! Okay, now I'm touching you but I'm being verrrrry gentle..." And then I'd have to shoo him off because I know it just escalates from there. But he wouldn't go far and then he'd be breathing down my neck. Cisco came up and started frisking my pockets for treats and I had to shoo him off too. Then when I started working on Cisco's mane I got the same treatment from both of the younger boys. They're naughty, and very, very funny.

A quiet hour in the pasture with the horses is so good for the soul.

Later I found myself lying flat in the pasture with a thunderstorm going on around me, trying to get pictures of Dove at the end of the rainbow, but I couldn't make it work, it was too dark.

It was a good evening.


Linda said...

You sound like me--lots going on and only moments for the horses--at least you're getting some riding in. Happy Birthday to Huckleberry!

Linda said...

Sorry I didn't get to see Dove today in person, but it sounds like it wasn't the right time. Was sure good to see the others, though--Scout is a cutey pie and a half!!