Monday, July 26, 2010

We had a nice sunset ride this evening on a new trail that I definitely want to explore more when I have time. Our ride was a little shorter than planned because we waited for it to cool off and then had to change a punctured trailer tire at the trailhead. Thank goodness for my nifty homemade trailer jack, we had it changed in 10 minutes or less without unloading the horses.

Sorry for the bad pictures, my real camera has become almost impossible to use so I'm relying on my cell phone.

We encountered two big black bulls several times, once in the black of night which was kind of shocking. They didn't bother us but I was glad to have my brave cowdog between me and them.

When we got home I fed and brushed my horse in the bright light of the full moon. There's nothing like a shining horse in the moonlight. Wonderful, soul renewing.


Linda said...

You and Teresa both went on moonlight rides--I'm envious!! I want to go on one--it's better than the heat-stroke rides I've had lately!!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

How fun. Don't forget the Mustang Club meeting Thursday. Will give a full accounting of everything from Mustang days.