Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm so worn out after yesterday, walking back and forth to take care of Bella, and worrying the rest of the time, that I actually canceled a trail ride today. Besides, I have a lot to get done.

Today my plan is to get some clay from the creek to pack Bella's hooves with. The boots and pads held in so much heat it was scary. I have never felt a hoof that hot. She needs sole support though, so I'm going to try the clay. Then I'm going to get the tractor out and dig a shallow, horse sized hole, so I can cold hose her legs while she stands in it, and it will turn into a nice, cool mud hole. I've been icing her feet in 4 buckets (I need to get a picture of that) which works great but doesn't go up the leg. I think some cold water farther up will be beneficial. I also need to move some hay feeders into their area because the soaked hay picks up dirt when they eat it off the ground.

Update: I wandered off and forgot to publish this, so now I've made my Wonder Mud (clay and topsoil mixed into a thick goop) and put it in her hooves. She trotted up to the fence as I left. I'll take that as a sign she's not feeling too bad.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she's holding her own, and the mud stuff might be just the trick. Sending good wishes.

froglander said...

How is Bella doing?