Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My portly youngster tried on his corset today.
Haha, just kidding. I borrowed a surcingle and some other gear from my sister but I was too lazy to do anything other than try the surcingle on him tonight.

Speaking of fat horses, did you know they're more apt to get navicular? It makes sense, considering they're carrying too much weight on their poor feet. And why do I bring up navicular? I spend a good part of the day today at good Dr. Rustebakke's in Clarkston while my sister had her big paint horse evaluated. They trotted him around, did a nerve block, did some radiographs, and surprised us all by saying he's in the beginning stages of navicular. He has big, healthy hooves with nice wide heels and healthy frogs. Why would he get navicular? He has been a big fatty a lot of his life (he's only 6). But who knows if that has anything to do with it. So he can't be ridden for 4 weeks and he's on bute to stop the inflammation. That means I can borrow my sister's Corrector pad and try it out. But I'd rather her horse was sound. Hopefully after the corrective trimming, rest, and treatment, he'll be just fine. The vet even went so far as to say it might be reversible. I sure hope so.

Oh, and it turns out Bella's stifle surgery isn't going to cost much at all. Yay! I think I'm going to wait until it cools down a bit though, so that she won't get overheated in our metal shed during her recovery time.

I also delivered Gypsy to my friend Melissa today and we spent some good time talking and visiting with the equids out there. I adore her donkey, Peaches, and so does Liam. He wants a donkey now and I've wanted one for years, so maybe we can gang up on John and convince him how badly we need another pet.

Gypsy just settled right in and started eating grass. I think she likes it there. :)

It's been a busy day. I wish it was over but I have a few more things to do. So I'll see y'all later!

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