Monday, August 09, 2010

Scout's work last night consisted of a hoof trim and then just standing at the trailer while I did some work with Tonka. Just working on softening since we've been doing so much trail riding and little or no training.

And here are some pictures from the garden. We've been harvesting things here and there. It's wonderful to have a garden! I'm glad John insisted and did all the work. Next year I think we'll plant quite a bit more.


arlene said...

What is the plant in the third pic down and also the bottom pic?

Good on John doing all that work!

I just have tomatoes and strawberries this year because my garden is the flower, tree and shrub kind. I haven't had a big veg garden for about 6 years. I want a greenhouse and I want to grow me own grub again.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

The third one down is a bell pepper that's a funny shape, and the last one is (I think) a sunglow squash. We had some of those last night and they were excellent. But then John cooked them and he's a darn good cook.

I want a greenhouse too! Our growing season here is just too short. I love having our own food though, and I know there's been no chemicals in there, just dirt, water, and a little bit of well-aged horse poo.