Monday, October 11, 2010

Even the sun wanted to touch my beautiful new saddle today

The workmanship is really very nice. Someone put a lot of work into this saddle. It took me a minute to figure out how they got this seamless loop of rawhide around the horn. Must be from leg hide?
The maker didn't put his name on it, which I think is weird. Hopefully not because he was ashamed of it? I forgot to ask who made it, so all I know is it was made by an "Amish kid" who does good work. It sounded like he must be local. Anyway...

I have a generous 5 days, or more if I really need it, to make sure the saddle fits. He told me to drink a couple shots of whiskey and take it for a 20 mile ride. I probably won't do that, but I'll put at least 20 miles on it before I make up my mind. So far the jury is still out. But I have to say, I feel SO incredibly much better about this saddle than I did about that brand new, brand name saddle. It was crap. Fake fleece, squeaky, stiff leather, uncomfortable, badly built seat. The seat on this one - I could sit in it all day.


Tina said...

That is the sort of saddle you'd an tot keep in the loungeroom so you can look at it all the time you aren't riding in it. :) Lovely! I hope it fits you and your boy so you can keep it!

Tina said...

Gah, that should be 'WANT to keep'!