Thursday, October 07, 2010

I am so tired of our saddle search. Today I finally made the commitment and bought one.

It's nice looking, but it's no custom saddle.

Tonka was quite a trooper, going from saddle store to saddle store, and finally getting home 8 hours later, only to have me saddle him up again. I just fooled around for a minute then put him away. I knew he needed some down time and a big drink of water.

The horn is my favorite part, with its rawhide binding.
It's a Crates light trail saddle, quarter horse bars, with quite a flare to the front for his big shoulder movement.

Let me tell you, I thought saddle fit was confusing for a novice like me - it only gets worse when you start listening to the experts! They all have totally different opinions.

I can't wait to ride again! I'm hoping to talk my son into going for a ride with me tomorrow since he has the day off school. Doubtful. I have a heck of a time getting him on his horse. I'll probably just ride around the house here.


Tina said...

You showed great dedication to finding your boy a saddle to make him comfortable. Good on you! It looks great too! xxx

Paint Girl said...

Looks like a really nice saddle! Love the color.

Kate said...

Looks nice - bet you're glad that's over! I've discovered over the years that most people who claim to know something about saddle fit actually know squat. I try to listen to my horse and see how the horse feels about it, and also lean on my chiropractor for advice.