Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I had to reschedule my vet appointment for Bella because of a builder. You know how they are, never here when they say they'll be, and then they're not here the next time they say they'll be either. So I rescheduled Bella's surgery for no reason, since they didn't show that day either. But we're all set to go tomorrow, and the builders are supposed to come the next day. (My mom is having a building put up to house her motor home, and we will keep our tractor in it too. Score!)

Today I attempted to get things ready for the surgery tomorrow. Scooped poop (thanks to my mom for being my gate person), worked on the trailer wiring (thanks John for finally figuring it all out), and was going to get the stall all set up for her but the trailer wiring took so long I couldn't get that done. I can do it in the morning before we go.

According to Dr. Rustebakke, this surgery is VERY minor, and in his experience it's like a miracle cure. So hopefully this time tomorrow there will be no more stifle problems in Bella's future, and eventually she can get on with her saddle training. I worry there might be damage to the joints from all the stifle locking in the past, but I'm trying not to be a pessimist. We should have had this done a couple years ago.

I can't remember what he said about recovery period, but I'm pretty sure she won't need stall rest for long at all. I'm excited to finally get this taken care of!


Anonymous said...

Very best wishes to you and her for the surgery!

arlene said...

We had to get Foxsun's stifle ligaments cut within a week or two of buying him because he was locking up on BOTH sides. Our vet cut right through them just once and didn't leave a gap so as to give them a chance to grow back together. It took just a few seconds and Foxsun just stood there like he was just getting a shot or something. It was very simple and Foxsun was 100% sound for the rest of his life.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That is good to hear. I'm hoping Bella will do just as well.