Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The reason I didn't post pictures yesterday is that I've lost my camera and my phone. My son found my phone today, smashed into the snowy road next to the mailbox. I guess it fell out of the truck. Luckily my husband is a phone man and I will have a new trinket to play with soon. Hopefully soon enough to post pictures of my wool roving when I get it tomorrow. I can't wait! I'll be getting started on my saddle pad and I'll post pictures of that also, as soon as I can.

Kate had a blog post asking Are You Like Your Horse? My answer - absolutely. Short attention span, easily bored, fidgety, nervous, intelligent (I like to think) but not a genius, wants to please, works hard when necessary. Weak back! Ha, I just realized that one, hadn't made that connection before. I'll have to put some more thought into that.

An update on my sister (I don't know if she minds me talking about her here, I guess she'd let me know if she did). Her scans are coming up. Blech. Such a worrisome time. She was also concerned about a new lump but they think it's scar tissue from the mastectomy. The chemo drugs she's still on are making her sick, but it almost seems like she's sicker than she should be. We all worry. I'm praying that everything comes back clear as a bell, cancer-free, and we'll have an awesome Christmas.

On the subject of prayer - strangely I had a response to one recently. (You all probably know I'm resistant to this sort of thing and don't like to talk about it but this was remarkable.) Praying about someone I care about deeply, I got a clear message to write a letter. A real one, on handmade paper, with a fancy pen, like I used to do. But I was snowed in so regular paper had to do. And I think my letter writing skills have been spoiled by the internet (and my previously mentioned lack of attention span).

Just to add to the randomness of this post - here's a bread recipe I've been making. (Once again, an idea stolen from an excellent blog, with a pair of really cute asses to boot.) It's really good, no knead, almost a sourdough flavor but not quite, with big air bubbles and a moist, chewy texture inside. Mmm.

Did I mention my truck is fixed? Ball joints, and they found an axle U joint or something that also needed replacing. Les Schwab charged half as much as what the Ford dealership quoted me. Guess where I won't be going anymore? It's a $600 difference, that's not small potatoes. Still, a lot of money gone. But now I can drive (and maybe haul my trailer if it thaws enough) without worry.

That accident I mentioned last week that really shook me up - someone died. I can't help but think of their family waiting for them to get home, not knowing they'd never make it, getting a horrible phone call... I think to much, I think.

I found out that day that my daughter's old basketball coach died in a car accident a few weeks ago on icy roads, and later heard that she was in the vehicle with a drunk driver. I really struggled wondering if I should tell her, after all this was an "adult" she looked up to. (Very young adult). But I decided I had to tell her, so that if she ever considers getting in with someone who is drinking (or worse, driving when drinking herself) she'll remember the very real possible consequences. I told her that whatever is going on, no matter what, any time, if she needs a ride - call me. Of course she doesn't go out anywhere much and she's too young for a driver's license so this is all a ways in the future. Of course I also think she's too smart and responsible to make a stupid decision like that, but then my mom thought I was innocent too. I never rode with a drinking driver by choice though, and I don't drive if I've even thought about drinking recently.

Anyway. I have rambled enough for one night... Good night! Give your loved ones and extra hug for good measure.


Kate said...

My horses often have back issues and so do I - I think it is true that stiffnesses or braciness in one part of our bodies will mirror itself in the corresponding part of our horse's body. I have a history of carrying a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck - and guess what, if I don't consciously relax this, my horses carry tension there too!

Sending good thought to your sister - that's a rough road but it sounds like she's getting good care.

Linda said...

A lot going in your head and life! I hope you get good news about your sister.

I answered Kate's question, too--we're very laid back and our horses are very, very laid back. Either we perceive them that way, pick them that way, or they become that way. Who knows? I am a sucker for gentle, kind horses, so I probably pick them that way.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I think they become like us a lot of the time, because of our energy. But I also think it depends on their personal nature too. A little bit of Nature AND Nurture.