Monday, December 06, 2010

Tonka and I had a fun little walk today. Little, but full of groundwork. So while we didn't go far we did do a few things. First I had to get his attention. Scout and Cisco were running all over the pasture. Then we did some backing, basic giving to the halter and keeping his mouth off me. It doesn't take much for him to get going with some bad habits... But luckily it also doesn't take much to remind him that we don't do things that way.

I thought this picture was pretty:

And this was funny, but naughty. He stood ground-tied like a champ but he was eating his lead rope. I let him get away with it for a minute so I could take his picture.

He almost demanded this picture, shoving his eye in my camera. Or maybe he was just looking at it, I don't know.

Huckleberry thought he might want to play. But Tonka would really like to bite him. Or maybe stomp him. Luckily he won't do it, at least not while I'm right there. And in reality Huck does know not to push it. He was just feeling frisky.

I think this last picture catches Tonka's essence pretty well. He has an intense interest in life. He's always looking at something or thinking about something, which can make our work together challenging when I'm not being interesting enough. But he also sometimes leads me to see things I wouldn't have if he hadn't pointed them out. He's a pretty cool guy, my Tonka.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - he looks intelligent and just, well, deep.

Tina said...

Yes deep. That's the word I was looking for as well. :) The philosopher of horses.