Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The boys had too much fun today.

Except for poor Scout. I was leading him.

He wishes he could join in the fun.
(Do any of you have horses with that blue rim around the eye? Three of mine have it, all red based with dun factor. Just curious how common it is.)

I had decided to take Scout for a walk, and then I decided to just take him around the perimeter of the property and check the fence so Cisco and Tonka could come along. I don't think the boys go out there very often judging by how excited they got about it. Especially the deep snow in one of the ponds. Tonka couldn't resist a couple good rolls there. It was a fun and refreshing little outing.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Love your pictures. I will understand if the roads are icky on the 27th. Hope they are not. As soon as you can make those connector things will be fine. No pressure. I cannot believe Sage is still growing either. She is really big.But such a good girl.

Linda said...

Great pictures, Andrea. My horses were happy yesterday, too--do you think it's because they felt the temps warming?