Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cisco doesn't get clicker training. I think he understands that something interesting is going on, but he's not sure what, and he doesn't like my target.

Tonka understands too well, and I'm not moving things along fast enough for him, I don't think. It all just feels so awkward, when I know I could just ask him to do the things and he would do them, without the clicker or the food. But he wouldn't be as excited about it. The excitement kind of gets in the way though... Blah. I wasn't all that inspired by the results today.

Scout - he didn't even come to play. He watched us work for a while and then went to go eat hay and didn't come when I called, so I figured he didn't get to play today.

Bella - She kept me company while I scooped load after load of poop into the wheelbarrows. (That's what happens when you leave the poop for when the weather is better). She's good company, and cute as heck the way she watches with such interest.

Soxy - She's sick again. Shit. Sorry, but the situation warrants a bad word or two. I just took her off antibiotics 3 weeks ago. Usually it's 3 months before the problem comes back. Now it's both nostrils, not just the right, and I can hear her breath bubbling through her snot. I told Liam we might have to have her put down soon and he said, "NO!" So I'll start antibiotics and bute and call my vet on Monday. I'm not sure this is fair to her. I think it's painful. I've picked out a burial spot for her. I've loved on her a lot today. I'm sure she feels that I'm upset, but she still loves the attention.

I think I'll go try the clicker with Cisco again before it gets dark.

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Tina said...

You know, kids aren't always the best judge of when an animal has had enough. Sometimes it is time for the grownup to make the final decision. I've found some men can be rather the same. :) I'm sure you know this and will do what needs to be done when it is needed, which may not be yet, but I just wanted to let you know my sis had to go against her whole family; teenager, husband, little kids, with their very old dog who was obviously suffering from both physical and mental issues that could no longer be alleviated with drugs, and yet they wouldn't agree to let her go. They all said she was right afterwards and it was a great relief to the whole family that she was finally at peace. It took a lot of courage from my dear sis, though. XXX