Sunday, January 30, 2011

I got a chance to ride my horse yesterday for the first time in a while. It was a beautiful morning. And by that I mean warm, cloudy, and just barely raining. I'll take what I can get. I decided to ride with my bareback pad. I got a Skito pad a while back (for $10!) and it works perfectly to put cushion between his back and my bum. The bareback pad has some cushion as well. We had a lot of fun, just playing in the field, tuning up a few things here and there, and then we went down the driveway and into the trees, but not down the road. I don't trust him, or my balance, enough to do that bareback. Tonka did stumble going downhill once and I was surprised how little it bothered my balance. I just don't think I'd stay on one of his huge sideways spooks. He hasn't done that in almost a year, but I have some fear issues associated with it, so I'm sure I'd get all tight every time he looked at something funny, and that wouldn't be a good thing. No sense taking risks anyway - I can't afford any more medical bills.

I think this week I'll walk & ride with Tonka, and later start taking Scout along. He could definitely use the exercise and experience. And I think the weather is supposed to be halfway decent, so it may be time to start making a commitment to work with Scout every day.

I need some feedback from you all. I mentioned before that I can't find boots that are good for walking AND riding. The Ariat terrain boots I have are awful (but maybe only because they're old). Would you ride in loosely laced walking shoes? Or do you think it likely my foot could get caught in the stirrup even if the shoe comes off? Does anyone have suggestions for comfortable riding boots? I'm talking about walking many miles in them, so they have to be supportive and comfortable. I like the look of the men's Roper Horseshoes. Anyone have any experience with those?

What I'd really like would be some STI breakaway stirrups - then I could wear whatever shoes I want. But they have a HUGE price tag.

What would you do?


Mary Hunter said...

I use to have a pair of boots that basically looked like a pair of hiking boots, but they had a well defined heel (and were sold and marketed as riding boots). very comfortable, though for riding and walking.

This was about 15 years ago, and I don't remember the company's name.

I love my Ariats for riding and for walking all day. Some of the Ariat styles are more comfortable than others, though.


Monsters Groom said...

Highly recommend 500 seires Blundstones !!!!! My first pair lasted me 5 years ( I ended up putting rubber booties over them due to the holes near the sole in the leather) and I bought them used. I do EVERYTHING in my blunnies!!!! Ride walk work they are super comfy and if you do fall in an weird way they will pop right off. I've had it happen... Oops :) the price is high but they will last forever I would rather shell out the $200cd for them then buy 2-4 diffrent types of cheep shoes for each job.

Linda said...

A friend of mine bought a pair of riding boots by Ugg--oddly enough. We walked our dogs about 4 miles the other day and I remarked about them looking good. She said she found them on clearance and they're one of the most comfortable boots she's ever had. Apparently, they work well in saddle--the sole is easy to get free of the stirrup--and they're warm for the 9 months out of the year you need warm boots. ;) I'd love to have a pair. They zip all the way down, too--which is one thing I hate that my Tuffa boots don't do. Plus, my Tuffa's have too thick soles to ride in stirrups. Anyway, she said you can do everything in them--walk and ride.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Wow, boots are expensive... I don't think I can afford Blundstones or Uggs. I may have to just get a new pair of Ariats. Maybe newer ones will be more comfortable.

I do have an old pair of Blundstone lace up boots, and you're right, they're pretty comfortable. But since they're tight lace ups I won't ride in them anymore.

Laura said...

Don't have any suggestions about the shoes, as I love my Ariat Terrains. I had a pair of Roper Horseshoes, but the sole on them was very hard, and not as comfy as the terrains.

As for bareback riding, I have one of these pads --

It has real English saddle rigging and is very secure. Seat is very grippy, and you can put stirrups on it to add to your security. I love mine and plan to use it when my Icelandic filly is old enough to ride.

hkfarms said...

somehow I missed this post... I have always wanted a Little Joe bareback pad! Never got the courage to shell out the $ yet.

I bought these They are kinda bulky but really comfy. You don't have to twist your fenders as much.

I also like these, and might try them next set I buy.
They aren't quit so strange looking as mine and you can use them as a stirrup extender ;)