Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My computer has gone on strike. John's going to have to wipe it and start over from scratch this weekend. I'll be able to back up and save the stuff I want to keep, but I'm sure it will be a very slow process. I'm not looking forward to it.

I just today grew a brain and realized I can use John's computer to check blogs and write a quick post and look up information on enrolling at University of Idaho.

I'll start with the school idea - I think I mentioned I've been looking for a job. Unfortunately my skills are in a limited area (office work, customer service work - not something I'm extremely keen on anyway). Also, there are lots of college students around to fill entry level jobs, and many employers are looking for college graduates for anything requiring any kind of intelligence. I never got around to going to college, other than one logic class where I had a lot of fun and passed with a 4.0. I'm thinking of starting at U of I with the intention of ending up in Rangeland Management, or possibly something else in the college of Natural Resources. I also like the idea of their pre-vet program but I have a few reservations there. Now I just need to find out if I can go to school without it costing me anything. You never know, it could happen.

In other monetary news, our business is... changing. We have some huge decisions to make and I have no idea how our lives will be structured in 6 months. If we could both go back to school that would be best, but I don't think they pay you to go to school, and we have a lot of mouths to feed (and a mortgage payment).

I've got to run out the door but I have to tell you real quick - Tonka has been really lame from the EPSM, and I decided to get him back on a fitness schedule. (I need it too, of course). So today I walked 4.5 miles with my best horse and my best dog, both of them on leads at times, and working on Huckleberry's off leash manners, and they were awesome. Nothing like splitting your attention between two very intelligent boys to keep your mind off your troubles. And I'm a firm believer that exercise and fresh air is good for mental health! Very much so. We had fun.

Edited to add a couple pics of our walk today.


Anonymous said...

Quite a lot in the works! Love that you walked the dog and horse - I'm a big fan of walking the horse for mutual fitness.

nikki said...

Nothing like fresh air and a relaxing walk with your boys to clear your mind. Hope everything works out for you guys.

I nominated you for the "stylish blogger award" (not sure if you've received it yet). I always enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it. :)

Linda said...

You know me, I love to walk the horses. Poor Tonka though, hope he's okay soon.

College might be really fun for you, Andrea. I loved it. If someone would pay me, I'd go forever. The link above is a free website that hooks you up with lots of scholarship and grant opportunties. It will ask which college you want to attend and what your major will be...then it will custom fit your needs to the scholarships available and email them to you every week.