Monday, January 17, 2011

The vet thinks Soxy may have pneumonia. It sure is different from the other times, but I was so focused on her past issues I didn't give a whole lot of thought to whether it might be pneumonia. It occurred to me, but I thought the gurgly noise would be more in her lungs. Which it might be, I don't have a stethoscope. So off to the vet we go tomorrow afternoon. Luckily my driveway is clear and I only have one flat tire on the trailer (I swear we find EVERY stray nail with that thing). I'll change it real quick in between appointments tomorrow.

Today we took my son to a behavioral optometrist. It was pretty fascinating. He did about an hour and a half of tests with the doctor. The doctor will study his tests and put together a treatment plan, and we'll see him again tomorrow morning to hear all the juicy details. I am really excited that there may be a solution to Liam's aversion to reading. He kept complaining that his eyes or his head hurt as we got further into the tests, and some of them even made him nauseous, so I'm really hoping there's something in his eyesight that can be corrected and will allow him to enjoy schoolwork more. Heck, if it makes him sick no wonder he doesn't like it.

Speaking of sick - I'm sick tonight. Hopefully a quickly passing bug. I want to ride this week! Now if only the weather will cooperate.

And speaking of weather - Katia and I went for a drive today and decided to go ahead and go through this:

Probably a dumb thing to do, but the water wasn't moving fast, the road was paved (not soft - no getting stuck), and it looked shallow. It was deeper than it looked, but we were okay in our big pickup. The flooding on our own place isn't bad at all, but it's pretty bad in the surrounding areas. Lots of melt and lots of rain at the same time turns farm fields into lakes. John said he couldn't even count how many deer he almost hit tonight. They're probably all flooded out of their normal homes, poor things.

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Linda said...

Wow--I hope you find something out for Liam. And that water is amazing!!!! We went to TX and when we got back, all the snow was melted, but we have mud rather than standing water.