Sunday, February 06, 2011

We've had a busy few days and I've been without a computer. But now thanks to my patient and industrious husband, all my programs are newly installed, minus all the junk that wasn't supposed to be there. And minus one part of the file I was using to keep track of my riding hours. Darn it. Luckily I had just looked at my total the other day and the number was round and easy to remember, 25, so I'm pretty sure I've got it all figured out, within a few hours of error.

I have to learn how to work a new version of MS Office. That'll be a source of irritation for a little while. I'm resistant to change, I admit it, especially when it comes to software. And I lost my photo editing software so I downloaded something called Photoscape. I can't wait to see what I can do with it. I didn't want anything complicated like Photoshop. I don't have the time to figure out how to use it.

These photos I trimmed and re-sized using Paint, which is also new and different, but wasn't beyond my peabrained ability to figure out. :)

I found my perfect boot!
They're Ariat Jamisons, and officially they're a work boot, but they have the right sole for riding. I'm not fond of the pink stitching and pink suede around the ankle, but they are very comfortable. They have a firmer sole than the Terrain, not as squishy but more supportive, not lumpy under my foot and I think it'll last longer. They're a short boot that can be laced loosely enough to slip easily off my foot in case of getting hung up in the stirrup.

Yesterday Tonka and I ponied Scout again. We had to pass the fire John had going at the barn, and it went well the first 5 times we went past it, but on the return trip from riding up the road Tonka couldn't go by it. Poor guy was terrified. The fire was much larger, my son was laughing like a madman, the dog was chasing a cat, and John sneezed. My goodness. I let him stand and look for a long time, hoping he'd decide to go on by, but I had to hop down quickly when I saw that Huck was going to chase a cat over some stacked sheets of tin. I think that noise would have been the last straw. (I wish I could break that dog of his cat chasing! It's the one thing he does that I don't like.)
Both boys seemed to enjoy going up the road though. We went a bit farther this time, past a couple of houses with mailboxes, garbage cans, farm implements, and other horse-eating things. Scout is so much more level-headed than Tonka was at his age (or even now, maybe).

We also did a bunch of work around the place and made a couple trips to the dump. I finally got around to cleaning up our little shed. A bag of feed got left in there and it had an infestation of mice. I filled a kitchen garbage bag 1/3 full of mouse poop. I should have worn a mask. My lungs have been in bad shape ever since, and I had to use my inhaler a couple times, which makes me sick. So even though the weather is decent today I may not be riding. Does anyone know of any good remedies for congested lungs? Preferably something that doesn't make me feel shaky and useless?


Linda said...

Ooooh, gross--mouse poo. I like the boots a lot though--they look comfy and the slide off idea is so true. Wouldn't want my foot caught in a stirrup. Sounds like the ponying is going great. The weather sure has been cooperative.

hkfarms said...

I like the boots! I have asthma and can't handle a lot of that type of smell. I can't suggest any medications, but would suggest a nasal irrigation. I use it almost everyday and it helps my allergies and asthma a ton.