Saturday, March 12, 2011

Here's a face only a mother could love:
He does love the mud.

Today I went to the huge 4H tack swap in Spokane. I was going to consign my dressage saddle there but I chickened out when it was time to sign the waiver of liability. I couldn't leave that beautiful Italian leather to be thrown around, manhandled, and possibly have other saddles stacked on top of it. I may have worried for nothing, it did seem like they were being careful with the higher end saddles. But I still think I did the right thing.

I got a couple good deals today. I've been wanting a Rockin' S snaffle bit for a long time. I got this one brand new for about half the price. I also picked up a Professional's Choice Orthosport pad for $100 less than new. Got a couple cheap saddle covers and a couple dollar items. I didn't buy a treeless saddle that was only $100. It was like a Bob Marshall but no maker mark. I'm kinda kicking myself. I didn't think I could afford it but when I got home John said he didn't see why I couldn't have bought it. Oh well, I have a bareback pad.

I tried out the bit and pad today and the jury is still out. Tonka didn't fuss near as much with the bit and didn't seem distracted by its presence, but he was also happy to lean on it when normally he'd respond more readily. He did seem to be thinking about it though, and did a lot of licking and chewing after a release. I'm going to keep trying it.
(His lips look dry but they were wet and gooey - I think my "auto level" trick with the editing software messed up the colors.)
Anyone know if I'm supposed to use a bit hobble with this bit? It obviously can't pull through the mouth but maybe it would offer a little more stability? I really don't think it needs it. The rings swivel freely but they ought to just sit there since the rein is attached to the dee which swivels independently of the ring.

I spent some good time with my parents today and yesterday. We got to be condo folk for a day - me, Katia, and Huckleberry. Huck was even squeaky clean and looked like a town dog since he had a bath the night before. But now he's covered in mud again. I guess my boys all like mud. Which is great, since it's cheap entertainment.

Last question - does anyone know why a horse would lose pigment in his skin in small, circular patches under his tail? I looked it up online and found a couple ideas. Thought I'd ask here too. The skin is smooth and otherwise the same as the black skin, but it's white.


cowgirlup11 said...

LOL!!! My horse is muddy too. Tonka seems to like to roll in the mud a lot. Fox does the same. I bet it was fun going to the 4-H tack swap.

Anonymous said...

No bit hobble needed with the Rockin S. Also, you might want to try letting it sit just a bit lower where it doesn't wrinkle the corners of the mouth - due to the way it sits, it doesn't fall forward down over the tongue so doesn't need to sit so high - but I've found my horses have their preferences about this too.

Also, the Rockin S works well for some horses and not so well with others but it's a good bit to have on hand.

Bring on mud season - at least it means spring is on the way!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Alexa - It was fun! I didn't realize how huge it was going to be.

Kate - I'll try lowering it. In the past he's preferred his bit high in his mouth, so I didn't think to try moving it.

I can't wait to try it on a couple of our other horses and see what they think.