Thursday, March 17, 2011

The horses around these parts are so darn hard to catch. :)
And no, it wasn't feeding time.

Cisco was even more fun to ride today, and was steadier and less tricky.

He's not fat, he's cuddly.

And he has a cute forelock.
I went to look at a horse with my mom today. (For her, not me.) It really made me appreciate my horses more. Granted, some of the issues were communication breakdown due to the fact that the horse didn't know us and vice versa, but he was no beginner's horse and his buddy was downright rude. Tonight as I was grooming, blanketing, and moving my horse to a different pasture in the moonlight, I was struck by how wonderful it is to have such a calm, trusting buddy. But then, we know each other well.

First thing in the morning Tonka goes in for his blood draw for the allergy test. I'm also going to ask my vet to glance at John's dog's teeth. Poor Angus has these awful growths on his gums that can be removed but apparently it hurts a lot, they bleed a lot and they usually grow back anyway. I think it comes with the rottweiler genes. One of them is really bothering him tonight. It may be time to have them removed and hope we get lucky and they don't come back.

After that my good friend is coming to visit for the weekend with her horse-crazy little girl. There will be much horse love, riding, and frogging in the pond. I can't wait!

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