Friday, March 25, 2011

Today has the potential to be a very busy day. Or not. The weather is not what I expected, and I'm not sure whether I should expect it to change. Springtime can really leave you guessing.

This morning I need to prepare as if I'm taking Soxy to school. Feed her, lock her in a stall to dry off, clean the stall really well so she doesn't get icky, hose down her legs and wash her tail. But it's so cold out! And I'm thinking I'll probably have to call Liam's teacher and reschedule anyway.

I need to get my house cleaned up too.

This afternoon a guy is coming from Ritzville to look at Scout. He also has several other horses lined up to look at in the area, and I think he has family down here, so he's not coming just for us. I don't have a great feeling about this guy. He sounded nice but I don't know what he's looking to do with his new horse. His email address had me wondering if he buys and re-sells. I'll have to ask. Scout won't go to a place like that.

In the evening my in-laws are coming for dinner. I'll be glad to see them, we haven't visited in a while for some reason. We'll also get to eat cake and ice cream for John's birthday. I love cake and ice cream.

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