Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well, Scout is officially for sale. I feel like adding a frowny-face after that statement, but the truth is, if I don't find the perfect person I don't have to sell him. So there. I've advertised him on Craigslist, Dreamhorse.com, a few forums and one online mustang group. Tomorrow I'm going to make a video. I think it will be fun. Until I get to the editing part.

Here's what I plan on putting in the video. I looked up the Parelli level one test for some inspiration.

Catch, rub all over with the halter, halter.
Pick up feet, position for picking out and trimming.
Walk through water.
Hose legs (too cold for whole body).
Lead at trot, stop, back.
Sidepass with fence in front.
Round pen work (mainly to show how he moves).
Yield shoulder and hip, both sides.
Lateral movement.
Mount and dismount from both sides.
Ride a little.
Bridle with bit.
Possibly some obstacle and spooky object work.

Anyone have other ideas? I will probably do it in a series of short videos in case someone doesn't want to watch a big long thing, and because it will be easier for me to upload that way.

Tonka is still not feeling good, but he did come loping in from the pasture for his feed tonight. Good to see, instead of slowly getting going with his tail up from discomfort and several belly kicks for good measure. I may get results for the DNA test for EPSM tomorrow. But it's more likely to be next Wednesday.


Linda said...

Was loading in a trailer and clipping on there? That's a wonderful list

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Loading should have been on there, it's part of the plan. Clipping isn't. I only consider that an emergency necessity, I don't clip horses. Haven't gotten around to doing it with him, partially because I don't want to clip any part of him. I should at least rub the backside of the clippers on him though. I will if I have time.