Friday, April 15, 2011

Here are some photos of the adoption today. We didn't stay long, which was a good thing because of course I was falling in love with two or three of them.

This one greeted me right away. He asked for a ride home. My home, that is.
John just laughs when I talk about "my" burro.

This red fella just stared and stared at us. I love his face and eyes, and ears and nose.

This was the look on his face almost the entire time. He wasn't spooky, just very, very watchful.
(The horse on the right was my favorite out of all the boys.)
I like this rabicano butt.

This guy was a pest. Playing with the trough, pulling on the other horses' tags, and just generally being a playful baby.

A sorrel who looked a little under the weather:

Check out the neat marking on that pinto. Like a dinosaur. Or an alien.
I like the roan butt in the middle.

The roan is here again, pretty face:

This was my favorite boy. Not a good picture. He looked a lot like a mule.
Here he is again, to the left of "the looker"

Or maybe this red one is the looker. Now I'm confused.

A group of youngsters:

The girl burros.

My cute little guy.

My favorite girl. John says her face reminds him of Soxy.
The horses are all from Salt Wells Creek/Adobe Town in Wyoming. The burros are each from different HMA's. Some from California, some Arizona. I don't remember exactly where.

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Linda said...

That's my old stomping grounds. I boarded there for many years. I love that arena. Were there any serious lookers? I wanted to go, but couldn't get down. I can't today either--it's Palisades Park clean up day and it has been planned for months. I'm heading out in a few minutes.

Let us know what happens!!! And, you should get that donkey!!!