Friday, April 01, 2011

I like the view from up here.
Not the most fashionable pictures but I realize my blog hasn't had enough to look at lately. Scout needs a bridle path cut.

Don't ask me what I was doing here, I don't know.

Mama Cat, the partially clipped long-haired mess. Scout likes to follow her around.
He was a gem for our ride today. This is his second ride with the bit and he was more fidgety and distracted. At one point something seemed wrong so I got off and checked - he had his tongue over the bit. Not comfy. So I got him straightened out and tightened his headstall one notch and we were good to go. He was better after that but still chewing, chewing, chewing. I was thinking about when Bella got her teeth worked on last fall and she had points at the front of her molars, which the bit will pull the lips into and cause discomfort. So when we were done I felt around in there and even kind of got a look. I think he has wolf teeth. So yet another vet appointment has been made. It will make me feel good to know his teeth are in good shape for riding though.

But back to our ride. We ventured farther and farther from our comfort zone near the round pen (and near the other two geldings). I thought he'd be upset about leaving them but he was really happy to explore. Almost too happy. He'd get worried at some objects like the clothes line or propane tank, but want to keep on going. He maybe rushed a bit and didn't respond as well, but really it was so minor it was nothing to worry about. When I went to get off at the end he walked off, so I got his attention and got back on and off with no problems. I'm so proud of my "baby."

Oh! Yesterday was Scout's third birthday! I almost forgot to post about it.

He tried to get up before he was even fully out of the birth canal. I heaved him out (babies are HEAVY and slippery!) so he wouldn't kick poor Bella's insides any more than he already had.

Look at that cute little butt trying so hard to get up.
Success! And a first meal.
Hard to believe that teeny little spindly guy grew big enough to carry me around. :)

It's also hard to believe I was going to sell him. All it took was a change of thought on my part and a couple good rides and now I think he's golden. Regarding the change of thought - he used to make me crazy with his slowness. I'm so used to Tonka's quick thinking but Scout learns everything slowly. I don't think he's stupid, just a deep thinker. I think he's considering what's in it for him and whether it's worth the effort. I decided to think of him as my donkey, and laugh off his mistakes like I did with my puppy, and our relationship has hugely improved. As is almost always the case, the fault was with the human, not the horse. Which I knew, but I didn't want to fix because it seemed hard. Turns out all I had to do was change my thoughts.

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Linda said...

Memory lane. I can't believe its really been three years already. I remember when you adopted Bella and started to suspect she was pregnant. That must have been on the MDH forum. Well, Happy Birthday to Scout!! I think he's going to make you a wonderful horse. It was meant to be.