Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is a sculpture in Plummer, Idaho, on the Coeur d'Alene reservation. I like it a lot. Note the wolf and the eagle. The eagle is harder to see, in the rump of the horse. It would be better at another angle. I just thought it was an appy blanket until John pointed it out.We stopped to look at it on our way back from an indoor amusement park in Coeur d'Alene. I found out that I now suck at bowling (and it hurts) but I ROCK at laser tag. Out of our group of 11 I had the best score. I'm not bragging or anything... I had a blast. So did the kids.

Today I had a good day with the horses. I was going to work with all three geldings but I ran out of time.

Tonka and Bella got a partial pedicure and Cisco got the full treatment. They were all very well behaved but Tonka swished his tail a lot. It's hard to know what's because of a pissy attitude and what's caused by muscle pain. I just ignored it and anyway he was holding his hooves up for me like a total angel.

I squeezed in time for a short ride on Cisco and we really enjoyed ourselves. He gets better every time I ride him, even though I'm not riding or even working with him very often. He's still a little heavy on the bit (especially if there are mares to look at) but he at least is doing what I'm asking. I'm ready to take him on a trail ride. Just have to find someone to go along. Melissa? I will be calling you soon! Tomorrow has a 90% chance of rain or I'd be in a bigger hurry.

Tonka's hard work today was just standing tied to the round pen, taking a nap. Even with nothing to do, he still looked uncomfortable in the belly/tail area when I went to put him away. Do you see it too? The raised tail is not from excitement.

The three fat ones got to wear their muzzles for the first time.
There's a small hole in the bottom for them to get limited grass through. Cisco knows how it works. Scout, even though he's a youngster, is starting to get cresty (the muzzle also keeps him from messing with Cisco's muzzle). His mama is a prime founder candidate, and Cisco has a crest the size of Rhode Island. They don't love their muzzles. Especially Bella. She threw a hissy fit, pawing and rolling in a puddle,
galloping around, rolling some more, tossing her head,
and finally coming to me and asking nicely for it to be removed.
I regretfully declined. I hate to do it to them, but I also hate to lock them in drylot. I'll do that for part of the day but not 24/7. And of course anything is better than founder.

Mud Monster. Not a pretty sight.
They don't wear the muzzles all day. I'm going to do midday to bedtime. I need to get a gate fixed so I have a dry lot, then they can rotate in and out of there, with naked drylot time and muzzled pasture time.

Don't forget the mustang and burro adoption in Lewiston this weekend! I would love to see you there! I think I'm hanging out by myself... John doesn't enjoy spending hours on end staring at horses, I don't know why.

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Melissa Lines said...

Hey Andrea, Yes! Let's definitely get out for a ride with Cisco and Rosie. Let's shoot for next week - this week I'm still having lambs plus my second Lambing School is this weekend. Yay horsing around! It's been too long!