Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Waiting for the vet.Impatiently.

His wolf teeth were very hard to extract. I felt bad for everyone involved. Scout was sedated but it couldn't have been fun, and I'm sure he's sore after the fact. The tech had to hold his head up for ever. And my poor vet couldn't give up but his hands were shaking long before he was done. I guess there's a ligament that holds the wolf teeth in place, and Scout's was very strong.

Poor guy.
Both of the boys had their sheaths cleaned. Neither had a big bean, but both were dirty. My vet was commenting on how Scout was pretty dirty and I thought, "you ain't seen nothin' yet." When he cleaned Tonka's he was amazed that he doesn't get infections. And I did a little cleaning on it just a couple weeks ago. He said I need to start doing it monthly rather than every two or three months. Yay. Luckily Tonka's really good for it.

We talked a bit about Tonka's diet. One question I had was exactly how much corn would cause an adverse reaction, since I found a piece of corn in my alfalfa pellets. He said even that is too much. So I called Spokane Seed in Colfax about their pea pellets and verified that they will be safe to feed since they don't process corn there. I think I'm going to try that. I can't think of anything else to do.

I also had him go over the supplement list recommended by another vet for the EPSM. They're mostly things that support muscle function. Acetyl L-carnitine, glutamine, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E, and salt. He said they all looked like good things to try. He set my mind at ease on another thing - the supplements won't hurt my dogs if they lick the feed pan. He was concerned about the cost of all these things, however. I've been afraid to add up how much it will cost monthly to feed all this stuff. But I will do that at some point.

I went to my sister's house and saw her two horses with EPSM today. They are both already improved after 4 days on just the acetyl L-carnitine. It made me want to get Tonka out and actually do some things with him to see if he feels better. Just watching him in the pasture, I think he may be feeling better. But I'm not sure. I'm wondering if I might be able to talk my lovely daughter into riding at the arena with me tomorrow if the weather is bad. Ha. It's always bad... I want some dry, windless, sunshiny weather, darn it!

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Linda said...

You and me both, sista! Give me some sunshine. Actually, I'd just be happy without wind. I enjoyed it more when it was snowing than this wet crap.