Monday, April 04, 2011

Yesterday I took a short break from the bathroom remodel to go out and be with the horses. I was considering riding Scout but I was too tired by that point, and the kids were going to need dinner. So I just de-mudded them a bit and hung out taking pictures.

Here's Cisco showing off his good side.

Tonka coming to join us.

Notice how both Scout and Tonka have A-frame butts, but Cisco has a nice big round butt. People seem to like his build, even though he has that unsightly crested neck.

Tonka is kind of a loner since he hasn't been feeling good.

They're all loving the new spring grass.
Today I need to clean the place up to get ready for our vet visit tomorrow. My son packs the weirdest things around and makes all sorts of fanciful constructions, then leaves them. Sometimes Huck will grab bits and pieces of them and scatter them even more. It makes for an interesting looking property, and a lot of extra work for me. And with the fact that I still haven't fixed my fence from when we took down the barn, and the barn is still in need of work, we look like bunch of hillbillies I'm sure. At least I managed to talk John into getting the old toilet out of the front yard.

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