Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Before I say anything else, I want to put out word that Anchor is looking for a new home. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time will remember him as the horse I was outbid on when I adopted Tonka. Three years later he came to stay here for a while and I worked on gentling him. He is a very, very cool horse, and very big and handsome. He's 16 hands, about 9 years old, and really wants someone to make him into a good riding horse. I almost said I'd take him, even with too much on my plate already - that's how much I love this horse. If you know of anyone who would want him I can supply the contact info on him. (he doesn't have teeny, squinty eyes - he was blinking or something.)

In other news, the little chickens met the "big" chickens. Peekaboo there, the gold one, is half bantam so she's not really all that big. They had some words, didn't like each other much. After watching them for a few minutes I shooed out the older chickens. I want to wait until the babies are older before I let them be alone together.

This is why I love HorseGuard fence. Some young dork stuck his leg through and pulled the fence loose, but nobody was any worse for wear. I just had to put the insulators back on the fence.

Melissa and I had a great trail ride last week. We're planning to go once a week.

Tonka's skin condition isn't getting better, and some of the other horses have it now. I'm trying an antifungal cream and hoping it will work.

My long haired boy, being a boy. Whittling, sitting on his pop gun and his bow.

I've been doing some gardening too. The place is kind of looking like someone gives a darn about it. (My mom got me that beautiful horse for Christmas and I finally found a place for it!)
Other than that we're juggling softball and baseball, end of year events, etc, etc... It's been busy! Liam is done with school after this week though so things ought to calm down a bit.

Oh, and my horse needs a chiropractor. Anyone from my general area have any recommendations?


Keechy said...

My sister's horse got some odd skin condition, and a vet suggested she wash her spots down in diluted napisan, you know, the stuff you soak whites in. I'm assuming you have it there. It sounded pretty weird but she tried it and it worked. Just in case you want to try something different! :)

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I have never heard of that. maybe we have it here but it's called by a different name? I'll have to look it up!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Looking it up, it's related to hydrogen peroxide. It reminds me of a product I looked at recently that is marketed by EZall for equine fungal problems: http://www.ezall.com/pdf/FungalBrief.pdf

I wonder if they both kind of do the same thing? I'll try this antifungal cream for a week and if I don't see results I'll try something like this.

Keechy said...

good luck!