Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I had so much fun riding with Liam tonight. He was in a great mood & super helpful, the horses were happy even with a storm blowing in, and all was well in the world.

I had him start in the round pen just in case the wind was going to bother Soxy. She didn't seem affected at all so we rode around the fields a little bit.

I absolutely adore this picture of my boys together.
Liam says he wants a horse just like Tonka. Tonka seems to like the idea of having Liam be his boy - they're pretty cute together. I think it'll be a few years before Liam can handle a horse like Tonka, but he's on the right track!


Margaret said...

Yes, the two boys are precocious! :)

Michelle said...

Kids & horses.... nothing better!

Linda said...

I'm jealous! My boy never got into the horses...only my daughter. I so wish he had, but I don't think he ever felt safe with them and he didn't have that deep desire you need to get over the fear factor. Enjoy it and raise us up a little Cowboy! They seem so rare anymore.