Sunday, July 10, 2011

Melissa and I had another good trail ride this week. Tonka got nervous about crossing the creek in the first spot he refused at last time, so we went to the other spot, and he couldn't cross fast enough. Then we crossed from the other side at the first crossing and went back and forth a couple times. He did fine there and at a third crossing we tried later. Here he's a little peeved that I didn't tie him where he could eat grass.
We sat in the shade by the creek and went through our trail maps of the area and planned some future rides. We're going to do an all day ride starting at one point and ending at horse camp, then staying overnight with my family. That will be fun. We also want to ride out at the old mining camp at Gold Hill, and a couple other places. After our long planning session I had to hurry home.

We headed out to go spend some time with my family at a friend's lake house. Liam was the first to get into the frigid water. He loves water.

Just missed him:
On the way home today I scouted out our trail head for this week's ride. It's at McCroskey State Park. Here are some informational photos if anyone is interested (click to enlarge)

The trails we plan to ride aren't even on the map, but we have a hand drawn map from a Forest Service employee who rides out there all the time. There's a neat old log building at the trail head - the first saloon in the area. I love stuff like that. I'll get a photo when we go.

This is the entrance to the horse parking trailhead at Heyburn State park where I'll be riding with the Mustang Club on Sunday. I can't wait. The trail we're riding is called the Appaloosa Trail.

They have kindly supplied a livestock watering tank, but I'm afraid of germs, so I'll be bringing my own water. You can see how there's no way to fill your own bucket without getting it in the communal water.
As an aside, if you do ride there, there is a $5 day use fee. Totally worth it for the work they do to keep up the trails for us to enjoy.

Sorry for the bad pictures, it was getting dark. I've been using my cell phone for pictures because I can't find my camera. I misplace things too often...

Speaking of dark, it is a beautiful moonlit night here tonight. I went out pretty late to feed Tonka his good stuff, and he was way out over the hill. I called for him and pretty soon heard hooves in the darkness. I can't even describe the peaceful beauty of it when my good horse came over the hill to me in the moonlight, relaxed and happy. Those are the moments that make life sweet.


Margaret said...

Horseback ride and then a swim. Nothing SCEAMS summer better than that! I look forward to the State Park photos.

Alexa Richards said...

I can't wait until Sunday either. We will be there. It worked out for my mom and her work schedule. It's always to have such a great horse. I just put shoes on Fox and he has the hardest hoof beats out of all our horses. It's fun to see horses at night. Especially in the moonlight.