Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My EZ Fit treeless saddle got here today! I rode twice. I'll do a more detailed post tomorrow. I'm totally beat. But here it is, and it's much better looking than any of the saddles on their website, with some pleasantly surprising differences. You can't see all the buckle hardware very clearly, and I like that. Also, it has a cheyenne roll, which the saddles on the site don't have, I don't think.

Here it is on Tonka, still sized like a 14 inch saddle. I adjusted it up to a 16 inch for me. The fenders are ugly, but I don't like horse sweat on my leg. I was happy to find that they're removable if I really don't like them, but so far I do. You can't see them when I'm riding anyway.

Here we are later in the evening. I think the saddle looks small, but it feels right.

I took this picture to show the spine clearance, but you can also see how the buckles differ from the website. He added a crupper ring (I have the strap stuck in it to get it out of the way to show the spine clearance), and I could add rings to all the straps if I want more dees. I probably will add them, and saddle strings too.
I'll do a full review with lots more pictures later. So far I like it.


Linda said...

Interesting saddle. I saw it on facebook first. I'm interested to hear how your rides went with it.

arlene said...

I like this saddle. I went to the web site and am impressed with the weight, ground mounting and the choice of going with English stirrups. If ever I can ride again I'm going to check into them.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.