Thursday, July 07, 2011

Today my sister and I went on a trail ride to celebrate her birthday. It was her horse's first outing being ridden out in the big woods. He did really, really well.

Tonka was a looky-loo snorty fella, but that's him these days. And the views were worth looking at.

This was the end of the trail, and he finally held still for a nice picture.

Lakota. Isn't he adorable?
This tree really struck me on the way in, there's something special about it. It looks dead but it isn't. There's Amy and Lakota on the way back, and he didn't even fall down going over the uneven ground (he's an arena baby).

Now, to digress from the horses - I love this hammock! I got it for John a couple years ago but he hasn't used it much. Liam is in it all the time, and occasionally I shoo him out of it so I can enjoy it. It's peaceful. In fact, I usually fall asleep.

In the hammock:

Above the hammock:
Below the hammock
Beside the hammock:

Life truly is good.


Margaret said...

The "arena" baby did well! Looks like a perfect summer day. Hope you had a nice nap :)

Linda said...

I agree, you've got the good life. That was a pretty ride. I saw some of the pics on facebook earlier. Nice.