Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Icky picture ahead - just a warning.

Today started off fairly innocently. I went to the other side of the property to mow. This tree is neat. It used to be a great big tree (the big stump is behind what's left here, you can kind of see it) but it got struck by lightning, sometime before we owned the place.
Boldly mowing, and hoping for the best, because I couldn't see a thing:

Later I was mowing the yard at home and saw Soxy staring at me like she was sending me some sort of communication. She's been doing that more and more lately. I noticed she had a bloody nose.

Her breathing has been getting more labored so I talked to my vet last week and we decided to try antihistamines this time instead of antibiotics. It was supposed to either work or not within several days. Apparently it didn't work. She's not getting any air through that nostril either. This is the same nostril that has had problems intermittently for 2 1/2 years now, but it's never been this bad and it scared me. What with my vet telling me she may suddenly bleed out and die within 30 seconds, I was pretty freaked out. But today my vet was out so we saw another vet and we're going to go see Dr. Rustebakke in Clarkston tomorrow. He's going to scope it and see once and for all what's going on. I'm so glad he has the facilities to do this, I really didn't want to go to WSU.

I was trying to get a good look at Soxy, get her cleaned up, and see for sure whether she was breathing through that nostril or not, and of course Miss Grace thought she ought to be the center of attention. She's becoming more and more of a pest. :) I think Soxy is rubbing off on her, the way she comes in every time I call.
After the unexpected vet trip there was another unexpected trip to town, so Bella and I didn't work together at all today. She got fed and that's it. Oh well, every day can't go as planned.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that Soxy is okay and we come back with a good treatment plan.


Keechy said...

All fingers and toes crossed here!

Linda said...

That's weird. I hope you get some good news!