Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA. Just a quick update. I had a trip planned to leave on Monday morning. Sunday night as I was about to show Katia how to exercise Tonka while I'm gone, I noticed he was slightly lame. I thought it was a rock in his hoof, but on closer inspection it looked like a tendon injury. I hauled him to the vet first thing in the morning and he diagnosed it as a deep digital flexor tendon injury and told me I'd better find another horse to ride for a while. So he's off for the rest of the year... Still trying to decide exactly how agressive to get with his treatment. He's on round pen rest rather than stall rest, because stalls are not his thing. He's on bute and his leg is being iced by my lovely daughter while I'm gone. I'll have to head back earlier than I had planned to check his progress and possibly schedule an ultrasound.
I'm in Longview, WA right now, waiting to hear how my grandma's surgery is going. I was able to spend some great quality time with her and my grandpa over the last couple days, which was wonderful. She may just be having angioplasty today, but they might send her down to Portland ASAP to do a more major surgery. I opted not to wait at the hospital because I have Liam with me, so I am attached to my cell phone, waiting for it to ring.
In other news, the trainer is ready for Bella, but I'm going to send Scout instead. Her abscess still looks nasty and her skin condition isn't going away as quickly as I had hoped. So I'll work with her while Scout is gone and Tonka is laid up.


Anonymous said...

Hope Tonka heals up OK. Sorry to hear about your grandma's troubles - hope all goes well.

Keechy said...

What a bugger about Tonka, just when you were all new-saddled and getting out and about! Best wishes going out to your Grandma! XXX