Thursday, October 20, 2011

This little puppy is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it. But he's wearing me out too. He's a lot like a human baby.

Huckleberry goes back and forth between really wanting to play with him and not liking him much. He's jealous sometimes. He definitely does NOT want to share his toys. And when he saw the pup chewing on my fingers he thought he needed to reprimand him. But he's doing really well with it, overall. I think he'll love his little brother a lot more when they can play together. I guess that's a lot like having human kids too.

I like this picture. Doesn't it look like they're on a secret mission? "Be vewy, vewy quiet..."

I don't even know what to say about this one.


More awwwww.


Sweet little bean.

India doesn't mind him at all. She does the same thing she does with all dogs. She really wants to play and gets the cutest look with her ears perked up, but she doesn't play. She's afraid of getting hurt.

Awww, again. Do you think he's looking into the future? I wonder what he sees.
I also really wonder what his name is. We all can't seem to agree on anything.

Bashful brothers.

Whoops! Fell down.

I didn't go to my group lesson today, and unfortunately won't be going back at all. Darn it. My sister tells me it was a great lesson today and they did some bodywork. Oh well, I can't do everything.

I had an opportunity to volunteer at a local low-cost spay and neuter clinic so I started that today. Wee pup went along and had to live in a crate all day, except for loves from the staff and a couple potty/meal breaks. He did fine. I had a lot of fun too. Only one dog, and about 20-22 cats. I was on the waking up end, waiting for them to be awake enough to pull the tube out, clipping toenails, massaging and warming them up, moving them, etc. It was fun and the staff are all really nice. I'll get to learn more and help out more as I go more often. Good stuff.

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Kara said...

How about Sawyer? Or Finn? You've probably already thought of those (Mark Twain?). He's super cute! I think we want to get a dog of this same breed someday when Wren is old enough to have a puppy. We lost 2 dogs in the last 3 years, but it's not quite time to replace them. Todd wants a herding dog to help with moving cattle.