Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Today Huckleberry totally cracked me up and impressed me with his smarts at the same time. I was picking apples and he watched me veryclosely , looked into my eyes as if asking permission, and then he very carefully picked himself an apple. I laughed and continued my work, but it didn't take me long to realize he was picking and dropping more apples. So I told him he better not pick them if he's not going to eat them.

He obligingly ate his apple

and then just kept me company without picking any more.
I filled this feed bag and another with apples.

Earlier in the day I'd patrolled the perimeter of the biggest pasture and fixed a couple breaks in the temporary fence, then put the boys out there. There's a lot of grass out there and I think Tonka will do better on real grass as long as it lasts.

I went back for Bella but she just stood there thinking about whether she wanted to come to me. (Earlier in the day I'd sprayed her with a spray bottle - how dare I!) So I left her alone in the small pasture. She spent a good amount of time today running around calling for the boys. Oh well, she doesn't need 24 hour grass anyway.

I got this bright idea to make soup and sourdough bread bowls. Then I decided to triple the bread recipe because I just happened to have triple the sourdough starter. I left for several hours and came home to this:

I'm glad I hadn't tried to fit it all in one bowl...

Liam and I made a pie. I wish I'd saved the last recipe I used. I don't think this is near as good.

Here's the finished product on the bread. Well, all of it except a pan of rolls that's still cooling. That round loaf on the left is as big as my head.
I think we're going to be plenty fat enough to start hibernating soon.


Margaret said...

Oh, yum. Your house must smell SO good! I love the photos of the dog in the flowery weeds. And that bag of apples is GORGEOUS! I think you had the perfect day.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmmm! Everything looks and sounds yummy!
Yep, you are ready for winter. hehe!