Saturday, December 10, 2011

The After-Bath-Crazies
Poor blue bird toy. His guts are all over the place.

Do your dogs get all silly after a bath? I love it! So entertaining. But hard to take pictures of such fast moving objects.


froglander said...

That puppy is just too darn cute!

I think I want to get a mini Aussie (don't have room for a regular sized one, lol) someday.

Margaret said...

ha ha. Four year old human boys act like this too! ;) Such a cute puppy.

arlene said...

He's so lovely and good looking.

I think dogs go crazy after a bath because they are feeling so lucky to be alive still after the horror of the

Teddy has stopped growing and she's not as big as I thought she was going to be. I'm really glad though because she can still sit on my lap in the car. I think she weighs about 40lbs.

I have decided I will always have one or two (maybe 3 lol) Aussies. They are such funny and intelligent doggies.

Jessie said...

That pup is adorable!! I know my dogs like to run around after a bath. Usually mixed in with rolling (either in grass or on my bed if the bath happened to take place in the house!)