Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I thought I'd just put this out there and maybe the universe would help me come up with a solution.

I need a sound horse to ride. I'd be happy to borrow one for the winter, or maybe buy one. Maybe one of you near me knows someone who is looking for a good situation for a good horse? I'd prefer one that is at least started but an older beginner friendly horse would be great too, especially if I'm buying the horse for keeps. That way my kids could ride when summer comes and either Tonka or Bella are well enough to ride.

I would be sad that I found Grace a new home and couldn't start her, if it wasn't for the fact that I think she's with the person she was supposed to end up with.

Bella's lameness seems to be getting slightly worse with work (very gentle work). Or maybe I'm just more bothered by it the more we work. I think she will heal, but I don't know. It's a front foot or leg issue, not related to the stifles. (I think it's founder related but could be a splint). I'm trying some different things but I may decide to take her in for a lameness exam. I just don't want to spend a lot of money for an iffy diagnosis.

Scout is still fine, but John is riding him. And of course Tonka is laid off for the winter and Soxy can't work anymore. So I'm horseless. :(

Any other time I'd wait this out and not ride (and I may still do that) but I want to be able to keep doing the weekly lessons with John and Scout. And if I had a seasoned horse to ride we could get out on the trail some too. This winter has been so mild. No reason not to ride (except today with pouring rain and howling wind) if I only had a horse.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bummer. I hope the universe hears your plea and your prayers/wishes are answered.

Happy New Year!


froglander said...

Good luck that a sound horse finds you :)

Sorry to hear Bella isn't sound right now :(

I wish Tonka was better :/

Keechy said...

Yeah I hate those iffy diagnoses too. You spend the money you want some answers! Well at least if you do the beginning type vet visit, you never know, they might find something really obvious. Good luck finding a horse to fill the gap! I'm thinking with the way things are over there right now. finding a good quiet h=sound horse at a reasonable price or for loan to such a good home might not be too hard?

Linda said...

I'll keep my ears open for you. Every once in a while someone has an extra horse that needs some riding and would love a deal like that.

Anonymous said...

Be in touch with Jill Curtis [Tony Curtis's widow] at the Shiloh Horse Rescue near Las Vegas, NV ... she always has horses ready for adoption and they put up videos of their horses they work to get ready for finding a new home. Good luck!!

arlene said...

I found one that might fit the bill. He's almost 20 and $500. I don't know him..just goggled 'horses for sale'. He's in Silverdale Washington.

Saheib - Bay Arabian Gelding

"20 year old registered Quarter Horse x Arabian gelding. 14.1h, Bay with blaze and white hind. Anyone can ride, gentle, willing and very personable. Trailers well, great on the trails; goes over bridges, through water, no spook, buck, bite or kick. Has been ridden several times with NOTHING, no saddle, bridle or even halter. Walk, trot, canter, gallop; willing and able. Stands without being tied for saddle, mounting, dismounting. Great babysitter gelding, gets along well with other horses, dogs and cats!! Would excel in 4H; gives rides to 6yr old beginners. This horse will go, but would rather not, he is a great walk/trot horse with a small amount of run. Follows and leads on the trail, up steep inclines...into caves...that was a surprise! I cannot stress how quiet this guy is, very inquisitive, lays his head in your lap for petting and will sit there all day. Prince (as we call him) is UTD on worming, shots, dental care (12/17/11 is his appt for dental will be done before he goes) and hoof care, great horse for beginner riders. Easy keeper, grass hay or pasture. Id like to see him get some one on one attention as he LOVES people especially children, would rather be petted than eat! Best suited for under 150# rider. This guy WOULD NOT be for sale but I will be moving and cannot find a place where I can afford to keep him. $500. Willing to consider lease option. Drastically reduced due to a need to move sooner than expected.
His previous owners claimed he was spooky on trails and had arthritis, other than his age the vet could find no evidence of arthritis. We have had him on trails alone and in groups with beginner riders if he is spooky we have yet to find it in him!! He does arena work well also".

Here's the link;

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thanks everyone!

I think Shiloh is way too far away for me to look, unfortunately. I like their place, it looks like they take excellent care of the horses there, and have a good time doing it. :)

Arlene, that does sound like a very nice horse! I'd be too heavy for him though.