Saturday, January 21, 2012

I forgot to post a picture of my new headstall. (Yes, I'll admit I fiddled with this picture a bit too much.) It's pretty. It has brass. It's thick and chunky. It has ties at the bit ends, no screws. It's almost exactly right. It's not the quality of a custom made headstall, mainly because of the leather. It's a bit stiff and shiny... Or maybe it's just too new and needs to be broken in. I did oil it. It's made by Billy Cook and I think I ordered it at Horse Saddle Shop, they had the best price by far. And it is almost exactly what I wanted, something that would match the serpentine (actually called a running W) that goes around the edge of my saddle. I like the way it's done on my saddle better. It's simple and no frills. The headstall has a kind of fleur-de-lis looking thing in the serpentine. Too fancy, it ruins the simplistic lines.

Did I ever mention I'm pretty darn picky?

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Linda said...

As to spring coming, I agree. I have things budding around here. You find the prettiest tack, Andrea. I love that head stall. Actually, it matches my Billy Cook saddle. :)