Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Water, like a horse, is always ready to escape out through the path of least resistance: the banks just passively keep it in."
I'm not sure why that phrase struck me while I was reading today. It's so simple. I like it.

I've picked up again on Real Riding, How to Ride in Harmony with Horses by Perry Wood. It's a good book. The full quote would be: "Think of both hands and both legs forming two canal banks, one along the left side of the horse and one along the right, and think of the horse as being the water. Canal banks hold the water between them but do it totally passively - you never see canal banks moving about and trying to keep the water in, the water just stays there. You might say, 'Well, the water doesn't try to escape,' but water, like a horse, is always ready to escape out through the path of least resistance: the banks just passively keep it in."

My daughter took some pretty amazing photos today. The above two are hers. I'd like to post more of them but I'm having trouble with it. Probably because I didn't resize them.

Bella and I went for a walk this morning. That was fun. She's so funny. She wanted to check out every snowbank and stuck her head into the neighbor's garbage, then visited with their mailbox. She does get slightly worried about stuff, but her curiosity is much stronger, and she doesn't scare herself when she checks things out (unlike some big doofus I know). Unfortunately, it was apparent today that she is still lame.
So... I don't know, I guess I'll start getting Scout out. I'm having trouble wanting to play with Cimarron because he's not my horse and we don't trust each other yet, and building a relationship would take a lot of time.

I had a very interesting visit with my chiropractor today. He may be able to help me with my constant lack of energy. He gave me a supplement. (I might sound like a quack taking herbal supplements from my chiropractor, but I trust him, he's done a lot of good for me already.) I really, really, really hope it works. It would be awesome to not have to drag myself through life like a ton of bricks. He also helped me with my elbow problem. I'm not sure if it's whipped but I hope so.

Prayers for health sent my sister's way would be greatly appreciated. She has a biopsy tomorrow. I try to think positive thoughts toward healthy tissue but what I really want to say is, I hate cancer. Which I know is not the most constructive way to think about it. But I don't like things that scare me.


Linda said...

That's a lovely thought about water, especially since I've been photographing a lot of it for the photo challenge "Liquids". I couldn't agree more. A horse has to feel like it can move and hates to feel trapped. When we ride fearfully we "trap" them and the pressure produces a "hole". The comparison is one of the best I've ever heard. I used to think the reason I was a better rider when I was young was because I was fearless, but that's only part of it. The real reason is because I let the horse "move" under me and I was willing to go with it and that solves a thousand problems. However, if I'd had the wisdom to also be a passive bank and direct that energy, I would have been a much better, more skilled rider, and in fewer dangerous situations.

I know how you feel about not wanting to invest the time in a horse that's not yours. I leased one once and then sent it back the same week for the same reason. Plus, I was worried it would get hurt on my watch, and I didn't want that responsibility for a horse that wasn't mine.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I hope your sisters biopsy report was as good as Debbies (dil)today. I hate cancer too.

Keechy said...

Fingers crossed for your sissie. XXX

That is a great quote and looks like a fab book to put on the wish list. I'll pass the quote along to MY sissie who is still riding. I am horse free just now.

I'm not keen on leasing either for the same reason again, or on riding other people's horses. It is the bond you want and the work that goes into it is not what you want to do when you might have to hand them back, although there is always a benefit to one's skills from working with different horses.