Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've gotten back in the groove with the horses and it feels great!  Today Tonka got his exercise and a long massage (I'm going to be spending a lot of time rubbing this horse's arse in hopes it helps his muscles), and John and Scout joined us for a walk around the property.  Yesterday I rode both Tonka and Scout.  Scout was such a good boy!  You wouldn't have known he'd had months off, which is pretty good for a coming 4 year old.  Tonka saw the chiropractor yesterday so I only rode him for a couple minutes before our appointment.  He'd been stiff on his right side, and now that's all better.  Liam rode Soxy a bunch yesterday, and the chiro's daughter got a good long ride too.  Soxy seems to have more stamina now that she's out with the rowdy bunch getting more exercise.  Last week was a good week with the horses too.  It's all good.  :)

I'm not much in the mood for a long blog post but hopefully soon I'll get back in the blogging groove too.  At least now I'll have horse stuff to talk about!

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Linda said...

Who's your equine chiropractor? Sounds like you're doing the same thing I am. I'll see who's interested in that clinic and get back to you on possible dates. She'll want firm commitments...I'm thinking when it warms up a bit. I'll have her give me a price, too, so you know what the costs will be ahead of time...make sure you still want to do it. It seems like I have a minimum of three hours with her every time and it flies by.