Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bella and I had a little ride tonight.  She wasn't as with-it as last time, and I was kind of disappointed.  She got a little crabby with me a couple times when I was turning her in a specific spot, and she was overly concerned with where Tonka was.  It wasn't until after our ride that I realized she's probably in heat.  Soxy is being a raging hussy so the fact that Bella would show some subtle signs of it isn't really surprising, and it's actually to her credit that she wasn't really "bad" at all, just not mentally or emotionally with me.

She also got a bath and a hoof trim and a thorough spraying with fly spray.  She didn't feel very pampered, since none of those things are her favorite, but she sure looked nice afterward.  And I hope the flies leave her alone for a while.  They're pretty bad now that it's so warm.

This morning Katia and I spent a long time with curry combs, scraping lots of dried mud off of all four horses.  They've never been so dirty in their lives.  They must have found the wettest mud puddle and ground the mud deep into their coats.  Probably for protection from the bugs.  But it looked really awful, and they didn't seem to mind being brushed.  After all, they can always go roll in the mud again.

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