Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm kind of a sporadic blogger lately...  I guess that means there isn't much going on.  Just riding at home, sometimes not riding at all.  This spring weather makes it hard to get out there sometimes.  But I've ridden Bella two days in a row.  I think starting a routine will be good for her.  I could already see a slight difference tonight, she seemed less detached as I saddled her.  That could have partially been because I had carrots though.  But she's not pushy about carrots, it just kind of brings some life to her eye when she thinks she's going to get one.  She's not mentally or emotionally relaxed about the work.  I hope someday she will be.  I'm not being hard on her or wishy-washy, I think she just needs to realize it's not a bad thing.  Which might not happen until she gets to go out and see new things.  She is a pretty adventurous girl.

Yesterday I cut Tonka's ride short because he seemed like his back was hurting, or maybe he's having EPSM trouble.  If/when I can afford the diesel, I think I might take him up to the saddle maker in Post Falls and try to trade his saddle in.  I don't think it fits anymore, if it ever did.  I can't buy a new one but this one I have is worth enough to get me something decent.  (No, it's not my really nice one, but it is still a pretty nice saddle.)

Tomorrow I think I'll try to ride all three mustangs.  I hope the weather cooperates!


Linda said...

I'm sporadic, too--I'm gardening a lot and my attention is turning toward that and poetry. I haven't wanted to write about the horses since Cia got back. She's finally healing up though.

I wonder if a new saddle would make a difference for poor Tonka. Is there someone who could assess him for you?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

The guy at Hickman's saddlery in Post falls is supposed to be really good with saddle fit. I've already struck out with all the other saddle dealers in the area - they don't seem to know any more than I do... Of course it's hard to tell with a dry fit, without riding the horse in the saddle and all that. And Tonka is hard to fit. Plus his back isn't as strong as it could be, which doesn't help.