Thursday, June 14, 2012

 More hiking with beautiful Bella.  She thinks the whole thing pretty much stinks.  But she did really enjoy hanging out in the creek.  She loves water, especially if there's grass in it.
 I decided she was so happy here that I could mount up and cross the creek.  There's Katia back at the other side. 
 Then I got down and Bella had a nice meal while Liam played in the water. 
On the way back I got on and rode a few times.  The kids didn't have good trail horse etiquette.  One left me totally behind and the other kept stopping right in front of me.  Then he ran off.  So we were all alone and she didn't like that a lot.  She didn't do anything dumb, she just hurried to catch up, and I was wanting her to slow down going down hill.  Rather than argue about it I just walked the rest of the way.  I'd say it was a pretty darn good trail ride even though there wasn't a lot of riding.  She wasn't as relaxed today, but we were in a place where she's been pretty tense before so I wasn't surprised.  Tonka doesn't like it much either.  I think it must smell more wild down there by the water or something.  And there are always crows cawing. 

I better quit playing and get some work done.  I think we might be able to do some fun stuff this weekend but I want to get the house in order first, in hopes that someone will come look at it.

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