Friday, June 01, 2012

I actually rode a horse today!  Riding has been totally on the back burner while we get ready to move.  But my sister is talking about going on an overnight riding trip, and I've got to get a horse ready.

I got all three horses out and took them to the round pen and let them mow it.  Then I worked with each of them a little bit.  Tonka was my main focus because I wanted to get an idea about why he bucked the last couple times I saddled him.  After trying a few things I think it's sensitivity to the back cinch, which is common in EPSM horses, but I'm not sure.  It might be that specific saddle.  He still acted boogery when I removed both cinches and walked him with the saddle sitting on his back.  His neck is also out, right behind his poll, and his EPSM is obviously bothering him.  He doesn't move right.  No shocker really, since he's had so much time off and so much to eat.  So for right now I'm going to concentrate on riding one of the other horses.  It should probably be Scout. 

I saddled and rode Scout, and he was a very good boy.  We just did some walk/trot in the round pen.  He was a very good boy.  I didn't do a lot because he is OBESE.  Check it out:

They're on a diet now.  I started locking them in at night after I took that picture.

I'm bummed I'm missing the Reardan Mule Days parade tomorrow.  The Mustang Club is going, and I can't do it.  I wish I could at least be there to watch or help out, but I just can't.  So I'll hope we do it again next year.  Bob and Lea are taking their burros as a pack string.  I'm not sure who else is going.  I hope someone gets pictures!

No real news on the moving front.  We thought we were going to have an offer on our house but it hasn't happened yet.  We have a house picked out in the Spokane area but we're waiting to see what happens.


Kara said...

Scout looks pregnant!

Kara said...

How can you tell that Tonka is out near his poll? What does he show you? How does he show you? I'm just curious what it looks like.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I noticed several months ago that he didn't bend as well to the right as to the left, and when my chiropractor came to see him he found the same thing, and found where he was out. He was able to fix it at that time but I don't know how long that lasted.

Tonight while I was trying out different saddles I was asking him to arc around me but he'd just disengage his hindquarters on that side, keeping his body straight while he circled me. When I ask him to flex his neck to the side on either side he can't go as far on the right as the left (he's normally very flexible). Since my chiropractor found it before, I felt that area while I manipulated his head around. He didn't like it much. I could feel a lump under my hand, and I even felt it shift a couple times, like a tendon or a muscle shifting over the top of his vertebrae. I compared it to the other side, same spot, and there was no lump there. Apparently this is a very common spot for a horse to be out. Maybe from halter trauma, like pulling back when tied? I don't think this has anything to do with his bucking recently, but it probably doesn't feel very good, and it definitely stressed him out when I messed with it.

And yes, Scout looks like he's going to have twins, doesn't he? Bella isn't much better, but she distributes it better or something, she doesn't look quite as absurd as he does. I better watch it or someone's going to founder one of these days.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Obese is an ugly word, but that is what he looks like. Oh my goodness. I see a diet on the horizon. I hope you get moved up here soon. The parade was good. Mary, Katie Bob and the donks, Cameron and I with the banner. Pictures tomorrow on my blog. Am trying to load one on FB but either the computer or I am having a problem. Miss you.

Keechy said...

Being a fat person myself, I hate the word,'obese'. I'd rather people just said,'fat'. Hey it's one less syllable anyway!